आद्याक्षर सूची (1089)


n. १ (as, a demand for payment of money such as a notice to a stockholder or subscriber to pay an assessment or instalment of subscription to the capital) मागणी (स्त्री.) २ Stock-exch.(an option to buy a certain amount of stock or other commodity at a fixed price at or within certain time) क्रय विकल्प (पु.) cf. put


n. १ (one who deals in bills of exchange) विपत्रव्यवसायी (सा.) २ (one who is skilled in the science and practice of exchange) विपत्रविज्ञ (सा.) ३ (a table or manual giving the exchange values of moneys, weights, etc. of various countries) विनिमय मूल्य सारणी (स्त्री.)


n. १ Law (the adjustment of a debt or avoidance of an obligation or liability by some form of compensation agreed upon in the adjustment specif. settlement of debts by agreement through partial payments of the sums due from debtors to avoid bankruptcy) आपसमेळ (पु.) २ (the act or action of composing) रचना (स्त्री.) cf. pattern

cross-elasticity of demand

१ (where two commodities, which are close substitutes for one another, are in competitive demand, an increase in the price of one will increase demand for the other. The effect of this change of price of one commodity on the quantity demanded of the other is the cross-elasticity of demand) मागणीची अन्योन्य लवचिकता २ मागणीची अन्याश्रयी लवचिकता ३ मागणीची बहुलक्ष्मी लवचिकता ४ मागणीची द्विलक्ष्मी लवचिकता


n. १ रूढि (स्त्री.) २ (in pl.) सीमाशुल्क (न.) cf. duty ३ (in pl. and also sing. In constr.) सीमाशुल्क प्राधिकरण (न.) ४ (as, the regular support given to a tradesman by those who buy his goods) ग्राहकता (स्त्री.)


n. १ (hollow bed of river) पात्र (न.) २ कालवा (पु.) ३ जलमार्ग (पु.) ४ (a strait) सामुद्रधुनी (स्त्री.) ५ मार्ग (पु.), प्रणाली (स्त्री.) v.t. & i. (also channelise) (to direct through or into a fixed or official course; to confine in or as if in a channel) (विशिष्ट) मार्ग नेमून देणे, (विशिष्ट) मार्ग आखून देणे, योग्य मार्गावर ठेवणे, प्रणालीबद्ध करणे, प्रणालित करणे


adj. १ (being or belonging to an obligation or security attached to another to secure its performance; secured or guaranteed by additional security) आनुषंगिक (as in : collateral assurance आनुषंगिक आश्वासन) २ (placed or regarded as side by side; parallel; co-ordinate or corresponding in position) सांपार्श्विक ३ (serving to support or reinforce) समर्थक n. १ (something used as collateral security) सांपार्श्विक प्रतिभूति (स्त्री.) २ आनुषंगिक तारण (न.)


v.t. & i. १ आच्छादणे, झाकणे २ (to include, to comprise) समावेश करणे, समावेश होणे n. १ आच्छादन (न.), झाकण (न.), आवरण (न.), वेष्टन (न.) २ (a deposit or sum of money sufficient to secure against loss or to meet an obligation) क्षतितारण (न.) ३ पाकीट (न.)


n. १ संरोध (पु.) २ (a supervision insuring accuracy, fitness or due performance) नियंत्रण (न.) ३ (act of testing or verifying) तपासणी (स्त्री.), पडताळा (पु.) v.t. १ संरोध करणे, रोखून धरणे, रोखणे २ नियंत्रण ठेवणे, नियंत्रित करणे ३ तपासणी करणे, पडताळा घेणे


adj. १ सामान्य (as in : clean advance सामान्य अग्रिम) २ (of bonds, loans, etc. –free from endorsement or remarks) अबद्ध (as in : clean loan अबद्ध कर्ज) ३ (of a bill of lading or of a ship’s receipt, etc. –free from any statement about damage or poor condition of goods, etc.) निर्दोष (as in : clean bill of lading निर्दोष भरणपत्र) ४ (of a bill of exchange, etc.– free from attached documents) हक्कपत्ररहित


v.t. १ (to send or address to an agent in another place to be cared for or sold or for the use of such agent, as goods, etc.) (माल, वस्तू, इत्यादी) पाठवणे, (माल, वस्तू, इत्यादींचे) प्रेषण करणे २ (to hand over, to give up to) हवाली करणे


v.t.&i. १ (to move, pass, or go around freely from person to person or from place to place, as, bank-notes, coins, etc.) परिचालन करणे, परिचलन होणे २ (to spread widely; to become wide-spread) प्रसार करणे, प्रसार होणे ३ (as, news, etc.) प्रसृत होणे


n. १ (an item of outlay incurred in operation of a business enterprise as for the purchase of raw materials, labour, services, supplies, etc. including depreciation and amortisation of capital assets) परिव्यय (पु.) २ (the amount or equivalent paid or given, charged or engaged to be paid or given for anything bought or taken for services rendered) खर्च (पु.) ३ (whatever must be sacrified, suffered or forgone to secure a benefit, etc.) मूल्य (न.), किंमत (स्त्री.) ४ (when related to output) उत्पादन मूल्य (न.) v.t. १ परिव्ययांकन करणे २ खर्च येणे, खर्च होणे ३ मूल्य असणे, किंमत असणे


v.t.&i. १ बंद करणे, बंद होणे २ समाप्त करणे, संपणे n. अखेर (स्त्री.) adj. १ निकट (as in : close co-operation निकट सहकार्य) २ (dense) दाट ३ सूक्ष्म, बारीक (as in : close supervision बारीक देखरेख)


n. १ (the act of consigning something) (माल, वस्तू,इत्यादींची) पाठवणी (स्त्री.) २ (something that is consigned esp. in a single shipment) (माल, वस्तू, इत्यादींचा) प्रेष (पु.) पाठवलेला (पु.) (माल, वस्तू, इत्यादी)