आद्याक्षर सूची (365)


n. १ (also negaton—as, a term used for electron when it is necessary to distinguish between negative electrons and positrons) नेगॅट्रॉन (पु.) २ Thermionics (as, a four-element vacuum tube which displays a negative resistance characteristic) नेगॅट्रॉन (पु.)


n.१ Acous. (of a vibratory system, etc.) निस्पंद (पु.), नोड (पु.) २ Astron. (as, either of the two points where orbit of one celestial body intersects a specific reference plane) पातबिंदु (पु.) ३ Math. गाठबिंदु (पु.) ४ (as, of a point in electrical network at which several branches come together, etc.) पर्वसंधि (पु.), गाठ (स्त्री.)


n. १ (as, an act, process or system of marks, sign, notes, symbols, etc. collectively) संकेतन (न.) २ Music स्वरलिपि (स्त्री.) ३ Math. संकेतन (न.), लेखन (न.) (as in : abridged notation संक्षिप्त संकेतन; decimal notation दशांश लेखन)


n. १ Elec. (as, electrically neutral point) तटस्थ अग्र (न.), न्यूट्रल (न.) २ Elec. Eng. (as, neutral wire) तटस्थिका (स्त्री.) ३ (as, neutral position of driving or driven parts of a machine) न्यूट्रल (न.) adj. १ (not electrically charged) तटस्थ, न्यूट्रल २ Mech. न्यूट्रल ३ Chem. (of gases, etc.) उदासीन


n. Math., etc. (as, neighbourhood of a point—the interior of some bounded geometric figure such as a square or circle in the plane which contain the point) आसमंत (पु.), प्रतिवेश (पु.) (प्रतिवेश—skt. neighbourhood) cf. region २ (commonly) शेजार (पु.), समीप्य (न.)


v.t. & i. १ Chem. (to make chemically neutral; undergo neutralisation) उदासीनीकरण करणे, उदासीनीकरण होणे २ Elec. Eng. –चे निष्प्रभावन करणे, -चे निष्प्रभावन होणे, तटस्थीकरण करणे ३ (as, to render ineffective by opposite forces or effect) निष्प्रभावन करणे


adj. १ (according to, constituting or not deviating from an established norm, rule or principle) प्रसामान्य cf. common सामान्य, साधारण general सर्वसाधारण ordinary साधारण regular नियमित standerd मानक—२ (as, not abnormal, regular) सामान्य ३ Math. (as, perpendicular) लंबरूप, अभिलंब, लंब—४ Chem. (of solutions, etc.) प्रसामान्य, सांकेतिक n. Math. लंब (पु.)

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