आद्याक्षर सूची (870)


n. (also deflexion) १ (a turning aside; a turning from a straight line or given course– the term implies bending esp. downward or curving) विक्षेपण (न.) (वि– apart, away; क्षिप्–to throw, cast, let go) cf. aberration २ (the state of being turned aside) विक्षेप (पु.)


v.t. & i. १ (as, to serve to distinguish; to mark or perceive the distinguishing or peculiar features of) विवेचित करणे, विवेचित होणे २ (as, to make distinction or to distinguish as objects, qualities by discerning or exposing their differences) विभेदन करणे, विभेदित होणे


n. १ Astron. (as, the angular distance of a heavenly body from the celestial equator) दिक्‌पात (पु.) २ Surv., etc. (the angle formed between a magnetic needle and the geographical meridian when the needle points east or west of true north– also called variation) दिक्‌पात (पु.)


n. १ (pl. data) (something that is given either from being experientially encountered or from being admitted or assumed for specific purpose; something upon which an inference or an argument is based) दत्त (न.), पक्ष (पु.) २ (pl. data but oft. sing. in constr.) (as, a material serving as a basis for the discussion, inference or determination of policy, etc.; detailed information of any kind) आधारसामग्री (स्त्री.) ३ (pl. datums) (a point or line or a surface w. r. t.


n. १ (the act or process of becoming gradually less) क्षय (पु.) २ (as, abbr. for logarithmic decrement–the ratio of the maximum amplitude of one oscillation to that of the next in an oscillating system subjected to damping) क्षयांक (पु.) ३ Math. (as, a negative increment) घट (स्त्री.)


v.t. १ (as, to conceive and plan out in mind; to plan or have in mind as a purpose) संकल्पन करणे २ (to outline or sketch in proportion for creating a work of art or to serve as pattern in the practical arts) संकल्पचित्र काढणे n. १ (as, a drawing or outline from which something may be made) संकल्पचित्र (न.) cf drawing २ (as, general arrangement or planning, etc.) संकल्पन (न.)


adj. १ ओलसर २ (in case of weather) दमट, सर्द n. सर्द हवा (स्त्री.), दमटपणा (पु.) v.t. & i. १ (as, to diminish progressively the vibration or oscillation of; as to retard) –चे अवमंदन करणे, अवमंदित करणे, अवमंदित होणे २ ओलसर करणे (to damp down –चे अवमंदन करणे, अवमंदित करणे)


n. १ (as, measurement of any sort such as breadth, length, thickness, etc. specif.the physical characteristic of length, breadth, etc.— implying more frequently the accurate measurement) मिति (स्त्री.) cf.magnitude २ Alg.घात (पु.) ३ (as, size extent – usu. used in pl.) परिमाण (न.)


v.t. &. i. १ Elec. (as, to relive electrical tension or release the energy of by withdrawal or emission of that which charges) विप्रभारित करणे, विप्रभारित होणे २ विसर्जन करणे, विसर्जित होणे n.१ Elec. विमोच (पु.) (विद्युन्मोच) २ Elec. (the act or process of discharging) विमोचन (न.) (विद्युन्मोचन) ३ विसर्जन (न.)


v.t. & i. (also distill) १ Chem. (as, to evaporate or turn to vapour and recondense or condense by cold and recollect as liquid) ऊर्ध्वपातन करणे, ऊर्ध्वपातन होणे २ (to get, extract or make by distillation, by a process suggesting distillation, or as if by distillation) –चे आसवन करणे, –चे आसवन होणे (आ+सु-सुनोति = to extract, to distil) n. (distilling or distillation) आसवन (न.) (to distil out or off ऊर्ध्वपातनाद्वारा. . . . . . .काढून टाकणे, ऊर्ध्वपातनाद्वारा. . . . . . . .दूर करणे)


n. Logic, Math. १ (the deriving of a conclusion by reasoning; as, the inference from the evidence– as opposed to induction) निगमन (न.) (as in: experimental deduction) प्रयोगागत निगमन २ (an act or process of deducting; subtraction) वजा करणे (न.), वजात (स्त्री.)


v.t. & i (to lay down or let fall or drop by a natural process; to become precipitated; as, to settle) निक्षेपित करणे, निक्षेपित होणे n. (something laid, placed or thrown down esp. matter deposited by some natural process) निक्षेप (पु.)


n. १ द्विवर्णता (स्त्री.) २ Light Optic (the property of some bodies of differing in colour with the thickness of the transmitting layer,etc.) पराद्विवर्णता (स्त्री.) ३ ( the property of some surfaces of reflecting light of one colour and transmitting light of other colours) ध्रुवणद्विवर्णता (स्त्री.)


n. Elec. Eng., Geol., etc. (as, inclination downword; the angle between earth’s magnetic field at any point and the horizontal; as, implying inclination of strasta, measured to the horizontal) नति (स्त्री.), नमन (न.) v.t. & i. बुडवणे, बुडणे


n. १ (a drawing apart– as of lines extending from a common centre–the term denotes deviation of two or more thing which from a common meeting point proceed in different directions– opposed to convergence) अपसरण (न.) (short for केंद्रापसरण; अप = away, off; सृ = to move) cf. aberration २ (the state or condition of being diverged) अपसृति (स्त्री.)


v.t. & i. १ (to gather or arrive at, as a conclusion, by reasoning and observation; as, to deduce; to have or take origin) व्युत्पन्न करणे, व्युत्पन्न होणे, साधित करणे, साधित होणे २ (to obtain a substance actually or theoretically from a parent substance : to be formed from) साधित करणे, साधित होणे, अनुजात होणे ३ (as, to trace the origin or derivation of) व्युत्पत्ति दाखवणे ४ (as, to take or receive esp. from a source; to acquire, get or draw, etc.) प्राप्त करणे, प्राप्त होणे


v.t. & i. १ (as, to lower or impair in respect to some physical property, (etc.) नीचयन करणे, नीचयन होणे २ (of a chemical compound) नीचयन करणे, नीचयन होणे ३ (as, to lower to lower leval, etc) अवक्रमित करणे, अवक्रमित होणे


n. १ (the angular distance of an object beneath the horizontal plane that passes through the observer) अवनमन (न.) (as in : angle of depression अवनमन कोन) २ Meteor. (a region of low barometric pressure surrounded by higher pressures) न्युनदाब क्षेत्र (न.), न्युनदाब (पु.) ३ (as, of boiling-point, etc.) घट (स्त्री.) ४ खळगा (पु.)


n. १ (as, one the division or intervals marked on the scale of a measuring instrument or a gauge; the principal unit of measure for arcs and angles; unit of temperature, etc.) अंश (पु.) २ (as, extent or extremity or relative position) मात्रा (स्त्री.), कोटि (स्त्री.) ३ Math. (as of expression, equation, etc.) घात (पु.) ४ (commonly) प्रमाण (न.)


v. t. १ (as, to discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact; to determine the presence as of a signal) संसूचित करणे २ Radio (to convert as, a modulated wave or current into the original modulating wave or current; as, to demodulate) अनापरिवर्तन करणे


n. १ (act or process of developing) विकसन (न.) २ (the whole process of growth and differentiation in the structure of an entity) विकास (पु.) ३ (as, a gradual unfolding by which something is developed) विस्तार (पु.) विवरण (न.) ४ photog. चित्रव्यक्ति (स्त्री.)