आद्याक्षर सूची (566)


n. १ बाजार (पु.), विपणी (स्त्री.), हाट (पु.) २ (the rate of price offered, for commodities, market price) बाजारभाव (पु.), बाजार किंमत (स्त्री.) ३ (a sphere within which price-making forces operate and in which exchanges in title tend to be followed by actual movement of goods, as a geographical area of demand) बाजार पेठ (स्त्री.) v.t. & i. १ पणन करणे, खरेदीविक्री करणे, सौदा करणे २ (to expose for sale in the market) विक्री करणे, बाजारात विक्रीसाठी मांडणे ३ बाजारहाट करणे, बाजार करणे


v.t. (to make, produce goods, etc. on large scale by machinery) १ निर्माण करणे, यंत्राद्वारे बनवणे, n. (any thing made by machinery ) निर्मिति (स्त्री.), वस्तुनिर्मिति (स्त्री.), यांत्रिक उत्पादन (न.) २ (usu, pl. manufactured goods or articles) यंत्रनिर्मित माल (पु.), यंत्रनिर्मित वस्तू (स्त्री. अ. व.) ३ बनावट (स्त्री.)

money market

नाणे बाजार, पैसा बाजार, पैसा विपणी, (the lenders and borrowers of short term funds and intermediaries who bring them together; a financial centre with institutions comprising the money market) पैसा बाजार, नाणे बाजार, पैसा विपणी


v.t. १ (to keep up) बाळगणे, ठेवणे २ (to keep in repair or in good state) सुस्थितीत ठेवणे ३ राखणे (as in : to maintain law and order कायदा व सुव्यवस्था राखणे), पालन करणे ४ (to carry or to conduct) चालवणे ५ (to furnish oneself, childern, etc. with means of subsistence) चरितार्थ चालवणे ६ (to assert as true, as opinion, statement-with that) ठाम मत असणे


n. १ (the act or art of managing) व्यवस्था (स्त्री.) २ (the conducting or supervising of something esp. the executive function of planning, organising, co-ordinating, controlling, etc., any industrial or business project or activity) व्यवस्थापन (न.) ३ (the collective body of those who manage or direct any enterprise or interest; the board of managers) व्यवस्थापक मंडळ (न.), व्यवस्थापक वर्ग (पु.)


v.t. & i. १ (to show clearly) अभिव्यक्त करणे, अभिव्यक्त होणे २ (to come to light, to give signs of) प्रकट करणे, प्रकट होणे ३ (as, to appear) आविष्कार होणे n. (a list or invoice of cargo for any of several forms of transportation as, a ship or plane usu. containing marks, indications of contents, or consignee, passenger, baggages, weights, etc. and other pertinent information for the use at terminals or custom house) तपशीलसूची (स्त्री.) adj. १ उघड २ अभिव्यक्त

marginal efficiency of capital

( also investor’s yield or internal rate of return) (the rate of return over cost to be obtained from additional expenditure on investment of the most profitable type (which Keynes called the ‘marginal efficiency of capital’) will effect the level of investment) गुंतवणुकीवरील अपेक्षित सीमांत लाभ, भांडवलाची सीमांतिक कार्यक्षमता


n. १ परिरक्षा (स्त्री.), सुस्थितीत ठेवणे (न.) २ पालन (न.), पालन करणे (न.) ३ (the act of providing means of support for someone ; the provison, supplies or funds needed to live on) निर्वाह (पु.), चरितार्थ (पु.) ४ निर्वाह खर्च (पु.) ५ संधारण (न.)


n. १ सीमा (स्त्री.) २ (the particular condition as with regard to increment of return for labour or for an interest on investment that limits the existence or continuance of economic process, other things being unchanged) सीमांत (पु.) ३ (the excess market value of the collateral over a face of loan : cash or collateral deposited to secure against loss, etc., an allowance above or below a certain figure within which a purchase or sale is to be made, etc.) मार्जिन (न.) ४ (measure or degree of difference)माया (स्त्री.), अंतर (न.)


n. १ निर्मिति (स्त्री.) २ (style of structure or composition ) बनावट (स्त्री.), घडण (स्त्री.) v.t. & i. १ करणे, बनवणे २ (to gain or raise as profit) मिळवणे, कमावणे ३ (to require, to constrain, to cause) (एखादी गोष्ट करावयास) लावणे

marginal land

१ (the land that is just worth cultivating at the present cost of doing so and the present prices of commodities that could be grown on it i.e. the land at the margin of cultivation) सीमांतिक लागवडयोग्य भूमि, सीमांतिक लागवडयोग्य जमीन २ (land which is first to cease being used for the particular purpose) सीमांतिक भूमि, सीमांतिक जमीन


n. १ चिन्ह (न.) २ लक्षण (न.) ३ (a standard or acceptable level of performance of quality or condition) अपेक्षित दर्जा (पु.) ४ (unit of value or coin) मार्क (पु.) v.t. चिन्ह लावणे, खूण करणे, चिन्हांकित करणे


n. १ ( the legally authorised period of delay in the performance of a legal obligation or the payment or the debt) (प्रदान) विलंबावधि (पु.) २ (suspension of activity ; temporary ban on the use or production of something) विलंबादेश (पु.), अधिस्थागन (न.)


adj. (having a character or capacity fitted to yield a supply of goods which when marketed at existing price levels will barely cover the cost of production of or relating to or concerned with a limit or margin of return or reward as measured by existing price levels that is barely sufficient, to yield the profit or cost of production) सीमांतिक, सीमांत (as in : marginal income १ सीमांतिक आय २ सीमांतिक प्राप्ति; marginal sales सीमांतिक विक्री)

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