आद्याक्षर सूची (407)


n. १ रेषा (स्त्री.), रेखा (स्त्री.), रेघ (स्त्री.) २ (a direction, course of conduct, action or thought) दिशा (स्त्री.), प्रणाली (स्त्री.), मार्ग (पु.) ३ (a field of business or professional activity, occupation, etc.) पेशा (पु.) ४ (a row) ओळ (स्त्री.), रांग (स्त्री.) ५ (a thread, cord) सूत (न.) ६ (a series or succession of ancestors or descendants of a given person) वंशक्रम (पु.), परंपरा (स्त्री.) ७ (a stock of goods on hand and available for sale or bought for resale usu.


n. १ (the act or fact or failing to gain, obtain or utilise) नुकसान (न.), हानि (स्त्री.) २ (specif. the amount by which the cost of an article or service exceeds the selling price-as opposed to profit) तोटा (पु.) ३ हरवणे (न.), गमावणे (न.)


n. (also laiser faire) १ (a doctrine opposing governmental interference interference in economic affairs beyond the minimum, necessary for the maintenance of peace and property rights, etc.) निरंकुश अर्थव्यवहार वाद (पु.) २ निरंकुशता नीति (स्त्री.) adj. निरंकुश-


v.t. १ (to determine the liabilities and apportion the assets towards discharging the indebtedness of a firm, company, etc. that is going out of business as in winding up) परिसमापन करणे २ (to determine by agreement or by litigation the precise amount of indebtedness or damages) निर्धारित करणे ३ (to settle a debt, etc. by payment; to discharge) फेड करणे ४ (convert into cash) रोकडीत रूपांतर करणे ५ Fig. (to clear up and dispose of as if by such a process) निर्मूलन करणे, (as in : to liquidate illiteracy निरक्षरतेचे निर्मूलन करणे


n. १ पातळी (स्त्री.) cf. state २ स्तर (पु.) adj. (even, flat) १ सपाट २ (of the same height) सारख्या उंचीचा ३ (well balanced, even, just, impartial) समतोल v.t. १ सारखा करणे २ सपाट करणे ३ समतोल करणे

labour market

१ (as, the factors affecting the supply of and demand for labour; also the area within which the workers compete for jobs and employers compete for workers) श्रमिक विपणि २ (the institutions and processes through which employment and wages are determined) श्रम विपणन संस्था


n. १ (as, one of the factors of production-human effort that contributes towards production, etc.) श्रम (पु.अ.व.) २ कामगार (पु. अ. व.), श्रमिक (पु. अ. व.) ३ (an economic group comprising those who do manual labour or work for wages; workers collectively those employed in an establishment or available for employment) कामगार वर्ग (पु.), श्रमिकवर्ग (पु.)


n. (also, lease-lend) (the transfer of goods and services to an ally to aid in a common cause with pament being made by a return of the original items or their use in a common cause by a similar transfer of other good or services) उधारपट्टा (पु.) v.t. उधारपट्ट्याने देणे (पु.)


n. १ (as, enactments, etc.) विधि (पु.), कायदा (पु.) २ (a statement or formula expressing the constant order of certain phenomena) सिद्धांत (पु.) ३ (the rule or code in any department of action, as morality, art, etc.) नियम (पु.)


adj. १ (having an estate in land; consisting in land or real estate) स्थावर भू- २ (a quotation term meaning seller pays all costs including landing goods at part of discharge) उतरण खर्चासहित (as in : landed cost of merchandise व्यापारी मालाची उतरण खर्चासहित किंमत) ३ उतरलेला, उतरवलेला


n. १ वसुली (स्त्री.) cf. duty २ (as impost, tax etc.) कर (पु.) ३ लेव्ही (पु.) v.t. १ (to impose) (दंड, कर इत्यादी) बसवणे २ (to raise, collect as, contribution, taxes, etc.) (पट्टी, कर इत्यादी) वसूल करणे


v.t. १ भाडेपट्ट्याने देणे २ पट्ट्याने देणे n. १ (as of buildings, houses, etc.) भाडेपट्टा (पु.) २ (as, of lands) पट्टा (पु.), भाडेपट्ट्याची मुदत (स्त्री.), पट्ट्याची मुदत (स्त्री.)

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