आद्याक्षर सूची (893)

per prep.

१ प्रति, दर २ (as indicated by; according to) –प्रमाणे, –ने, –अन्वये ३ (by the means or agency of; through) द्वारा, –बरोबर (as in: per bearer वाहकाद्वारा, वाहकाबरोबर) ४ –गणिक (as in: per man माणसागणिक)


n. १ (a potential buyer or customer) भावी ग्राहक (सा.) २ (a likely candidate for some appointment, job or position) भावी उमेदवार (सा.) ३ (view) दृश्य (न.) ४ (view of furure events, expectation) भाविकालदर्शन (न.), प्रत्याशा (स्त्री.) ५ (in pl.–as, financial expectations) आर्थिक लाभांश (पु.), अर्थ लभ्यांश (पु.) ६ (as, chances) संभव (पु.) ७ उत्तरदर्शन (न.) v.t. पूर्वेक्षण करणे


n. भेट (स्त्री.), उपायन (न.) v.t. १ भेट देणे २ उपस्थित करणे, उपस्थापित करणे ३ (to bring or introduce into the presence of someone) पुढे मांडणे ४ (to deliver formally for acceptance) सादर करणे adj. १ विद्यमान, वर्तमान २ उपस्थित, हजर


n. (pl. premiums or premia) १ (something paid over and above a fixed wage, price or other remuneration; a sum in advance of, or in addition to the nominal value of something, etc.) अधिमूल्य (न.) २ (as, of insurance) विम्याचा हप्ता (पु.) ३ (a high value or a value in excess of that normally or usu. expected) चढभाव (पु.) (to put a premium on –ला उत्तेजन देणे, –वर भर देणे)


v.t. (to make or to be made a notarial protest of as, a bill of exchange) प्रतिसाक्षन करणे, प्रतिसाक्षित करणे n. (a solemn declaration in writing made in due form usu.by a notary public under his notarial seal on behalf of the holder of a bill) प्रतिसाक्षन (न.)


v.t. १ प्रदान करणे, पैसे देणे २ (as, to deposit money with a bank treasury, etc. –with in) पैसे भरणे ३ (to hand over, to discharge or to settle)चुकता करणे ४ (to make due return to, to satisfy for services rendered) वेतन देणे n. वेतन (न.), पगार (पु.) cf. Salary


n. १ (something produced naturally, or as a result of natural process; something produced by physical labour or intellectual effort) पदार्थ (पु.) २ (the amount, total or quantity produced; the output of industry or firm) उत्पादित वस्तू (स्त्री.अ.व.) ३ (as, the money value of the volume of production) उत्पादित वस्तुमूल्य (न.) ४ (generally) वस्तु (स्त्री.) ५ उत्पादित (न.)


n. १ (graphic representation of a statistical distribution as, of population on the basis of age and sex categories that has essentially the form of triangle or wedge) शंकुआलेख (पु.) २ (as, a group of holding companies superimposed one on another to give those in control or the top holding company control over the whole pyramid) पिरॅमिड (पु.)


n. १ स्थान (न.), स्थळ (न.), जागा (स्त्री.), ठिकाण (न.) २ (rank, station) दर्जा (पु.), पायरी (स्त्री.) ३ बैठक (स्त्री.) v.t. १ ठेवणे २ (to invest) (बँक इत्यादीत) ठेवणे, गुंतवणे ३ Stock-exch. (as, shares, etc.) –चे पुरःस्थापन करणे, पुरःस्थापित करणे (to place an order for –ची मागणी करणे)


n. १ (equivalence of a commodity price expressed in one currency to its price expressed in another; equality of purchasing power established by law between different kinds of money at a given ratio,etc.) तुल्यता (स्त्री.), सममूल्यता (स्त्री.) २ जन्मसंख्या तुल्यता (स्त्री.)


adj. १ संभाव्य २ (expressing possibility) उपलभ्य ३ गुणकारी n. १ (as, potential resources) संभाव्य साधनसंपत्ति (स्त्री.) २ (something that exists in a state of potency or possibility for changing or developing into a state of actuality) उपलभ्य-संपत्ति (स्त्री.) (as in: mineral potential उपलभ्य खनिज संपत्ति)


adj. १ पुरोगामी २ प्रगतिशील, प्रगतिकारक ३ (of, relating to, or characterised by progression; occurring or arranged in series) क्रमवर्धी, वाढता, चढता ४ (of, or relating to a tax, or taxation imposed on an individual that increases by a given amount with the increases in the taxbase–used chiefly of income and death taxes) क्रमवर्धी