आद्याक्षर सूची (644)


n. (also demurrage charge) १ (a charge assessed for detaining a freight car, truck or other vehicle beyond the free time stipulated for loading and unloading; a storage charge on goods in transit not called for within a reasonable or set time see layday) विलंब आकार (पु.) २ (delay in collecting such goods) विलंब (पु.)


n. १ अभिधान (न.) २ संप्रदाय (पु.) ३ (value or size naming one of a particular series of values or sizes as, of monetary issues, stamp notes, etc.) मूल्य (न.) (as in : bonds in denomination of Rs.5/- ५ रु. मूल्याचे रोखे) ४ आकारमाप (न.) (as in : litre is a metric denomination लिटर हे दशमान पद्धतीचे आकारमाप आहे)


v.t.&.i १ (as, a debt, libility) (ऋण वगैरे) फेडणे, –ची फेड करणे, (ऋण वगैरे) चुकते करणे २ (as, to relieve of charge, load or burden) उन्मुक्त करणे, उन्मुक्त होणे ३ (as, duties, functions, etc.) पार पाडणे n. १ फेड (स्त्री.) २ उन्मुक्ति (स्त्री.), विमुक्ति (स्त्री.)


n. १ अपवाह (पु.) २ (act of drifting) अपवहन (न.) ३ (as, a tendency discernible in the past and present course) प्रवाह (पु.) ४ (general tendency or meaning) रोख (पु.), भावार्थ (पु.) v.t.&.i १ (to vary sluggishly usu. without establishing a definite trend–used esp. of prices, wages or income) अपवाहित करणे, अपवाहित होणे २ प्रवाहित होणे


n. १ Acctt. नावे रक्कम (स्त्री.) २ Acctt. (an entry on the left-hand side of an account constituting an addition to the expense or asset account or a deduction from net worth or liability account) नावे खाती नोंद (स्त्री.) ३ Bookkeeping (opposed to credit) नावे बाजू (स्त्री.) v.t. Acctt. नावे घालणे, खर्ची घालणे


n. १ (something entrusted to another’s care, esp. money put in a bank) ठेव (स्त्री.), जमा (स्त्री.) २ (a bailment where one entrust goods to another) निक्षेप (पु.) v.t. १ (as, money put in a bank) ठेव म्हणून ठेवणे, जमा करणे २ (as, to lodge as a pledge) निक्षेप करणे


adj. १ (of, relating to, or constituting a difference or distinction) भेददर्शक, भेददर्शी २ (making a difference or distinction between) विभेदक, विभेदी n. १ भेद (पु.), विभेद (पु.) २ (of wage rates, such as wage differential) वेतन–विभेद (पु.) ३ (of transportation rates) वाहणावळ भेद (पु.) ४ (as, price differential) मूल्यभेद (पु.)


n. Bookkeeping (a method or system of bookkeeping that recognises both the receiving and the giving sides of a business transaction by debiting the amount of the transaction to one account and crediting it to another account–the total debits in the system always equaling the total credits–opposed to single–entry) दुहेरी नोंद (स्त्री.)


v.t. (to refuse to accept or pay as a draft, bill, cheque, etc.) अनादृत करणे, –चे प्रदान नाकारणे n. (the nonpayment or nonacceptance of commercial paper by the party on whom it is drawn) अनादृति (स्त्री.), अनादृत करणे (न.), प्रदान नाकारणे (न.)

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