n. 1 (language variety of interest group seeking exclusive communication for technical purposes, also : cant 3, cf : language variety) परिभाषानिष्ठ भाषाविभेद (पु.) 2 (technical phraseology that is too clumsy and pretentious to make sense, cf : phraseology) जडजंबाल शब्दकळा (स्त्री.) 3 (contact language variety that is too mixed to be easily comprehensible, cf : language variety, unconventional speech, lingo 1) धेडगुजरी भाषाविभेद (पु.) 4 (better : pidgin 2) 5 (casual, technical, also : shop talk, shop, cf : diatypic variation, unconventional speech) साहजिक (न.), पारिभाषिक (न.), भाषासरणी (स्त्री.)