n. १ विनिमय (पु.), देवाणघेवाण (स्त्री.) २ (funds as drafts, cheques or bills of exchange or moneys payable currently at distant point either in foreign or domestic country) चलन (न.) ३ (as, interchange or conversion of money) चलन विनिमय (पु.) ४ (as, foreign exchange) विदेशी चलन (न.) ५ (a place where things or services are exchanged as, a place devoted to the transactions of business usu. at the professional level, as, the grain exchange, produce exchange, etc.–usu. in comb.) बाजार (पु.), -पेठ (स्त्री.), - मंडी (स्त्री.) v.t. विनिमय करणे, देवाणघेवाण करणे