n. १ (as, an act or process of printing) मुद्रण (न.) २ (the amount of pressure with which an inked printing surface desposits its ink on the paper) छाप (पु.), अंकन (न.) (usually in pl.) 3 (as, all the copies of a book or a publication printed in one continuous operation) मुद्रित प्रती (स्त्री.अ.व.), सुट्या प्रती (स्त्री.अ.व.) ४ (one instance of the meeting of a printing and material being printed) प्रत मुद्रण (न.), मुद्रण प्रत (न.) ५ (as, pressure) दाब (पु.) (छपाईचा) ६ मुद्रण दर्जा (पु.) ७ Pub. Rel. प्रभाव (पु.)