आद्याक्षर सूची (1194)

helicoids = helicoidal

adj. Biol. १ (having the form of helicoid; coiled like a flat spring) हेलिकॉइडी Bot. २ (where successive daughter axes develop on the same side, in a uniparous cymose branching) एकतोविकासी Zool. ३ (specif. of a gastropod shell) हेलिकॉइडी n. Zool. (as, a surface resembling a screw thread) हेलिकॉइड (पु.)


n. १ Bot., Zool. (of an organism–as, a characteristic mode of growth or occurrence; as, the general appearance of a plant, etc.) प्रकृति (स्त्री.) २ Zool. (as, the established normal behaviour of an animal species) सवय (स्त्री.), सराव (पु.)


n. (pl. hila) १ Bot. (the scar on a seed where it joins its stalk) नाभिका २ Zool. (also hilus) (a small depression in the surface of an organ, which usually marks the point of entry or exit of bloodvessels, lymphatics or an efferent duct) नाभिका (स्त्री.)


adj. Biol. १ (also homogamic) (characterised by or relating to homogamy) समयुग्मकी Bot. २ (having all the flowers in an inflorescence alike–all being either hermaphrodite, staminate or pistillate, etc.) समपुष्पी ३ (having the anthers and stigmas ripe at the same time) समकालपाकी