आद्याक्षर सूची (1194)


adj. १ Bot. (as, monoclinous) द्विलिंगी, उभयलिंगी २ Zool. (having both male and female reproductive organs) उभयलिंगी n. १ Bot. द्विलिंगी (पुष्प, वगैरे), उभयलिंगी (पुष्प, वगैरे) २ Zool. उभयलिंगी (जीव, इ.)

helicoids = helicoidal

adj. Biol. १ (having the form of helicoid; coiled like a flat spring) हेलिकॉइडी Bot. २ (where successive daughter axes develop on the same side, in a uniparous cymose branching) एकतोविकासी Zool. ३ (specif. of a gastropod shell) हेलिकॉइडी n. Zool. (as, a surface resembling a screw thread) हेलिकॉइड (पु.)


n. १ Bot., Zool. (of an organism–as, a characteristic mode of growth or occurrence; as, the general appearance of a plant, etc.) प्रकृति (स्त्री.) २ Zool. (as, the established normal behaviour of an animal species) सवय (स्त्री.), सराव (पु.)