आद्याक्षर सूची (1095)


n. १ Bot. (a young plant in a rudimentary state of development, usually contained in a seed or surrounded by protective tissue) भ्रूण (पु.) २ Zool. (an immature organism in the early stages of its development, before it emerges from the egg or from the uterus of the mother) भ्रूण (पु.)


n. Cyt., Zool. १ (the doubling of the chromosome without the division of the nucleus; resulting in polyploidy) अंतःसूत्रण (न.) Bot. २ अंतर्विभाजन (न.) (अंतःसूत्री विभाजन), प्रसूत्री विभाजन (न.)


adj. Geol. (of or relating to the second principal subdivision of the Tertiary–used commonly of the epoch following the Paleocene and preceding the Oligocene but sometimes of all the Cenozoic era preceding the Miocene) इओसीन– n. १ (Eocene epoch) इओसीन कालखंड (पु.) २ (the series deposited during the Eocene epoch) इओसीन श्रेणी (स्त्री.)