आद्याक्षर सूची (926)


adj. Bot., Zool. प्रभावी n. Bot., Zool. (any one or more kinds of organism in an ecological association that by reason of size, number, or habits exerts a controlling influence on the environment) प्रभावी (पु.) (पादप, प्राणी, इ.)


v.i. १ (to melt away) द्रवणे २ (to dissolve gradually and become liquid by attracting and absorbing moisture from the air) आर्द्रविद्राव्य होणे ३ (to divide repeatedly ending in fine divisions–used esp. of the veins of the leaf) बहुविभाजन होणे


n. १ (pl. data) (something that is given either from being experientially encountered or from being admitted or assumed for specific purpose; something upon which an inference or an argument is based or from which an intellectual system of any sort is constructed) दत्त (न.), पक्ष (पु.) २ (pl. data but oft. sing. in constr.–as, a material serving as a basis for the discussion, inference or determination of policy, etc., detailed information of any kind) आधारसामग्री (स्त्री.)


n. Zool. (a period of spontaneous dormancy independent of environmental conditions interrupting developmental activity in an embryo, larva, or pupa or arresting reproductive activity in an adult insect insect and usu. occurring during hibernation or aestivation) क्रियाशैथिल्य (न.)


adj.१ Bot. (falling off, at the end of the growing period or after anthesis or at certain seasons) पाती, पर्णपाती, पानझडी २ Zool. (falling off, at the end of the growing period or at the stages of development–opposed to persistent) पाती (as in : deciduous tooth पाती दंत, दुधाचा दात)