आद्याक्षर सूची (1726)


n. १ (as, the region beyond the earth’s atmosphere; all of the universe beyond the solar system) अवकाश (पु.), अंतराळ (न.) २ (as, continuous and boundless extension considered as a vacuous entity in which extended things may exist and move; also a limited extension in one, two, or three dimension) अवकाश (पु.) ३ (as, the distance between points or objects, whether regarded as field or unfilled) अंतर (न.) ४ Math.

specific ionisation

(as, the number of ion pairs formed per unit distance along the track of an ion passing through matter) विशिष्ट आयनन primary specific ionisation प्राथमिक विशिष्ट आयनन relative specific ionisation सापेक्ष विशिष्ट आयनन total specific ionisation पूर्ण विशिष्ट आयनन


n. (the production and investigation of spectra; the science of spectroscopic phenomena) पंक्तिदर्शन (न.) beta-ray spectroscopy बीटा किरण पंक्तिदर्शन gamma-ray spectroscopy गॅमा किरण पंक्तिदर्शन grating spectroscopy जाल पंक्तिदर्शन high-resolution spectroscopy र्आत विजोयन पंक्तिदर्शन microwave spectroscopy सूक्ष्मतरंग पंक्तिदर्शन radio-frequency spectroscopy रेडिओ वारंवारता पंक्तिदर्शन


n.१ (as, a graduated or orderd scries of degrees, stages, or classes) मापनश्रेणी (स्त्री.) , श्रेणी (स्त्री.) २ (as an instrument for measuring) मापनी (स्त्री.), मोजपट्टी (स्त्री.) ३ (as, relative measure, a distinctive relative size, extent or degree) प्रमाण (न.) ४ Music स्वरग्राम (पु.) ५ (oft.used in pl.) तराजू (पु.) ६ (as, a balance pan) पारडे (न.)


n. Elec. Eng. (as, an electrical bypath so arranged that an electric current divides and flows partially through the shunt, and partially through the equipment that is shunted) पार्श्वपथ (पु.) v.t. & i. (to provide with or divert by means of a shunt) पार्श्वपथन करणे, पार्श्वपथित होणे, v.t. & i. बंद करणे, झाकणे

Stark effect

(after Johannes Stark, Ger. Physicist- as, an effect similar to Zeeman effect) स्टार्क परिणाम cf. Zeeman effect first-order stark effect प्रथमक्रम स्टार्क परिणाम second-order stark effect द्वितीयक्रम स्टार्क hired-order stark effect तृतीयक्रम स्टार्क


v.t. & i. वेगळे ठेवणे, विलग करणे, विलग्न होणे cf. detach विलग करणे, विलग होणे divide विभाजन करणे separate पृथक करणे, पृथक होणे, वेगळे करणे, वेगळे होणे, विभक्त करणे, विभक्त होणे split विभाजन करणे, विभाजन होणे


v.t. & i. १ प्रसार करणे, प्रसार होणे, फैलावणे २ पसरणे, पसरवणे n. १ प्रसार (पु.) (as in : band spread पट्टा प्रसार) २ प्रसारक्षेत्र (न.), फैलाव (पु.)


v.t. & i. १ (as to colour by processes affecting chemically or otherwise; absorb colouring matter) अभिरंजन करणे, अभिरंजित होणे २ डाग लावणे, डाग लागणे n. १ (colouring material) अभिरंजक (न.) २ डाग (पु.)


n. १ (as, the performance of work commanded or paid for) सेवा (स्त्री.) २ (as, a system or arrangement that supplies public needs) व्यवस्था (स्त्री.) (as, in: telephone service दूरध्वनि व्यवस्था) ३ (esp. of cables—the wrapping or covering) वेष्टन (न.)


n. (pl.spectra) १ (as, an arry of the component of an emission or wave separated and arranged in the order of some varying characteristic) पंक्ति (स्त्री.), स्पेक्ट्रम (पु.) २ (in case of band spectrum), वर्णाली (स्त्री.), पट्टपंक्ति (स्त्री.) ३ Math.


n.पट्टी (स्त्री.), पट्टा (पु.) v.t. १नग्न करणे २ (to separate a plating or sheet of electrodeposited metal from the base metal by any means) निर्लेपित करणे ३ (to remove, to separate, to shear off) अपखंडित करणे


v.t. (to put in the place of another; to introduce as an atom or group by substitution) प्रतियोजन करणे (प्रतिवस्तुयोजन करणे) n. (something that is put in place of something else or is available for use instead of something else) प्रतियोजित (न.), प्रतिवस्तु (स्त्री.)


n. १ Math., etc. (as, the plane figure resulting from the cutting of a solid by a plane; as, the action or instance of cutting) छेद (पु.), खंड (पु.) cf. segment २.(as, a section of a system) अनुभाग (पु.) cross-section काटछेद horizontal section क्षैतिज छेद २ आडवा छेद Iongitudinal section अनुलंब छेद right section लंब छेद transverse section अनुप्रस्थछेद


adj. १ घनरूप, घन—, स्थायुरूप, स्थायु— २ भरीव, घट्ट ३ Math.(having or involving three dimension; as, cubic) घन—n. १ घन (पु.), घन पदार्थ (पु.), स्थायु (पु.), स्थायु पदार्थ (पु.) २ Math. (a magnitude that has three dimensions, length, breadth and thickness; as, a part of space as cube, sphee, etc. bounded on all sides) घन (पु.) (in solid form घनरूप—, घनरूपात स्थायुरूप)


n. १ Eng. Etc. (as, a strain resulting from applied forces that cause or tend to cause contiguous parts of a body to slide relatively to each other in a direction parallel to their plane of contact) कर्तर (न.) कर्तरण (न.) cf. Stress २ Geol. (as, the sliding of a parts of a rock body past another part along a fracture) भ्रेष (पु.)


n. १ (something that is set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, quality, value, etc.) मानक (न.) २ (as, a definite level or degree of quality that is proper and adequate for a specific purpose) प्रमाण (न.) adj. १ मानक— cf. normal २ प्रमाण—, प्रमाणित