आद्याक्षर सूची (398)


n. १ (as, a labelled atom in a molecule) विलक्षित (अणु वगैरे) २ खूणचिठ्ठी (स्त्री.), लेबल (न.) v.t. १ (to distinguish an element or atom by using a radioactive isotope or an isotope of unusual mass for tracing through chemical reactions or biological processes; to distinguish as a compound or molecule esp. by introducing a labelled atom) विलक्षित करणे (विलक्ष = to distinguish, to characterise) २ खूणचिठ्ठी लावणे, लेबल लावणे


adj. १ (as, following a straight course; being or going in a straight direction; consisting of or arranged in a line) रेषीय, रेखीय, एकरेषीय २ Math. एकघात (as in : linear equation एकघात समीकरण) ३ Math. प्रथमघात (as in linear expression प्रथमघात पदावली)


v.t. उत्थापित करणे, वर उचलणे n. १ (also called elevator) उत्थापक (पु.), लिफ्ट (पु., स्त्री.) २ उत्थान (न.) ३ (the place or distance through which anything is lifted) उत्थानांतर (न.)


adj. १ (the same or nearly the same as in nature, appearance, etc.; similar) समान, सारखा cf. similar २ (in comb) सारखा, –सम (as in : boxlike pod पेटीसारखी शेंग) ३ सजातीय (as in : like poles सजातीय ध्रुव) adv. –प्रमाणे, –बरोबर


n. (also loadstone) Min. (also called natural magnet– a form of magnetite which exhibits polarity, behaving, when freely suspended, as a magnet) लोडस्टोन (पु.), (commonly) लोहकांत (पु.), चुंबकपाषाण (पु.) (प्राकृतिक चुंबक)


n. १ हानि (स्त्री.) २ Elec. Comm., Radio, etc. (as, a general term used to denote a decrease in signal power in transmission from one point to another– specif. the negative of gain in a transmission system– as opposed to gain) व्यय (पु.) ३ कमी होणे (न.), गमावणे (न.)


n. १ Math. (as, a usual abbr. of logarithm) लाग (पु.) २ (as, a short for logbook) नोंदवही (स्त्री.) ३ (any of the various journals or records in which are noted sequential data on the progress or performance of something) क्रमलेख (पु.)

उपलब्ध शब्दकोश (39)

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