आद्याक्षर सूची (749)


adj. १ (serving as a means or intermediary determining or leading to a particular result) साधनभूत २ (of, or relating to or done with an instrument) उपकरणात्मक, उपकरण– ३ (relating to or composed for or performed on a musical instrument) वाद्य– (as in: instrumental music वाद्यसंगीत)


n. १ (the production of an electric charge, magnetism, or electromotive force in an object by the proximity without contact of a similarly energised body or by the variation of the magnetic flux) प्रवर्तन (न.), प्रेरण (न.) २ Logic, Math. (as opposed to deducation) उद्गमन (न.)


adj. १ मध्य, मध्यम २ (between extremes or limits; coming or done in between) आंतरवर्ती n. Chem. (a general term for any chemical compound which is manufactured from a substance obtained from natural raw materials, and which serves as a starting material for the synthesis of some other product) माध्यमिक द्रव्य (न.)


n. १ Chem. (as, the existence of more than one substance having a given molecular composition and molecular weight) समघटकता (स्त्री.) २ Nucleonics the phenomenon exhibited by two or more nuclides of having the same mass numbers and the same atomic numbers but differing in energy state and the rate of radioactive decay) समघटकता (स्त्री.)


n. १ (as, one of two or more atoms having practically the same atomic weights but different atomic numbers and hence different chemical properties) समभारिक (पु.) २ Meteor. (an imaginary line or a line on a map or chart connecting or marking places on the surface of the earth where height of the barometer reduced to sea-level is the same) समभार रेषा (स्त्री.)


n. (pl. indices or indexes) १ (as, a ratio or other number derived from series of observations and used as an indicator or measure, as of a condition, property or phenomenon) निर्देशांक (पु.), –अंक (पु.)(an in: refractive index अपवर्तनांक) २ Math. (pl. usu. indices) (used of a number, expression) घातांक (पु.); (of value, etc.) दर्शकांक (पु.) ३ (something that points to; pointer as on instrument) दर्शक (पु.)

in parallel

adj. Elec. Eng. १ (of circuits, their arrangement– two circuits are said to be in parallel when they are connected so that any current flowing divides between the two) समांतर (समांतर परिपथसरयुक्त) (as in : arrangement in parallel समांतर मांडणी) २ (of machines, batteries, etc.– they are said to be in parallel when the terminals of the same polarity are connected together) अनेकसरी (अनेक परिपथसर असलेला as in : cells in parallel अनेकसरी घट)

in series

adj. Elec., Elec. Eng. (two or more circuits are said to be connected in series when the same current traverses all the circuits without dividing or branching) एकसरी (एक परिपथसर असलेला) (as in : arrangement in series एकसरी मांडणी; cells in series एकसरी घट)

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