आद्याक्षर सूची (355)


v.t. & i. १ (to equal or equalise in weight, number, form or proportion; to weigh in or as if in a balance) संतुलित करणे, संतुलित होणे, समतोल असणे २ (as to bring to a state or position of equipoise) तोलून धरणे, तोल सांभाळणे, संतुलणे n. १ समतोल (पु.) २ (act of balancing) संतुलन (न.) ३ तुला (स्त्री.), तराजू (पु.)

block diagram

१ (a perspective diagram of three-dimensional object used orig. for physiographic illustration of parts of the earth’s surface but later adapted to other uses) त्रिमिति आकृति, खंडकाकृति (स्त्री.) २ (a drawing in which labelled squares, rectangles and other arbitrary figures represent the relative position and functions of the parts of an apparatus) स्थूल आरेख,


n. १ वस्तु (स्त्री.) (as in : celestial body खवस्तु) २ पदार्थ (पु.) (as in : elastic body प्रत्यास्थी पदार्थ ) ३ काय (पु.) (as in : one-body model एककाय प्रतिकृति)


n. १ (as, air under pressure blown into a furnace: as, a stream of air used to intensify heat in a furnace, etc.) झोत (पु) २ (as, the ignition or detonation of an explosive charge उत्स्फोट (पु.) cf. explosion v.t. (to blow up by an explosive) उत्स्फोट करणे, सुरुंग लावून फोडणे


v.t. & i. १ (to send out from a transmitting station for an unlimited number of receivers) परिक्षेपण करणे, प्रसारित करणे २ Radio ध्वनिक्षेपण करणे n. १ परिक्षेपण (न.), प्रसारण (न.) २ Radio ध्वनिक्षेपण (न.)


n. १ शलाका (स्त्री.), दंड (पु.) २ (as, a collection of nearly parallel rays as of light or X-rays) किरणशलाका (स्त्री.), किरणपुंज (पु.); (as, of particles such as electrons) कणपुंज (पु.) ३ (a light ray) प्रकाशकिरण (पु.), कवडसा (पु.) ४ (of a balance) (तराजूची) दांडी (स्त्री.) ५ Eng. (लाकडी) तुळई (स्त्री.)


v.t. Nuclear Eng. (to produce a fissionable element, as plutonium, from nonfissionable element, as uranium 238 by bombardment with neutrons from radioactive element so that more fissionable material is produced than is used up) प्रजनित करणे, –चे प्रजनन करणे, प्रजनित होणे (अ.क्रि.)


v.t. (to keep afloat on a liquid; to keep floating in the air– usu. used with up) प्लावित करणे (प्लु– प्लवते itself means to float. प्लावित = kept afloat, and hence the pfx. उत् is unnecessary) (is buoyed up प्लावित केला जातो, प्लावित होतो)


v. t. & i. –चे विरंजन करणे, विरंजित करणे, विरंजित होणे n. १ (the act or process of whitening or lightening the colour of something) विरंजन (न.) २ (as, a chemical or preparation used in bleaching) विरंजक पदार्थ (पु.)


n. १ (each of the pulsations of amplitude recurring at regular intervals produced by the union of sound-waves, etc.) विस्पंद (पु.) २ (as, one swing of the pendulum, etc.) दोल (पु.) ३ ठोका (पु.) v.t. & i. १ (as, to hit or strike repeatedly) ठोकणे २ विस्पंदन होणे


adj. १ (compounded or consisting of two parts; characterised by two) द्विअंगी २ Astron. (of stars, etc.) द्वैती ३ Math. द्विवर्णक, द्विवर्णी n. १ (something that is constituted of two figures, things or parts) द्विअंगी (न.) २ (as, binary star) द्वैती तारा (पु.)

Brownian movement

(also Brownian motion) (after Robert Brown, Scot. botanist– as, the peculiar random movement exhibited by microscopic particles of both organic and inorganic substances when suspended in liquids or gases that is caused by the impact of molecules of fluid surrounding the particles) ब्राउनी हालचाल, ब्राउनी गति


n. १ (something suggesting a bridge in serving the function of connecting) सेतु (पु.) २ Elec. Eng. (an electrical instrument or network for measuring or comparing resistance, impedances, inductances, etc.)सेतु (पु.), ब्रिज (पु.) ३ Civ. Eng. पूल (पु.), सेतु (पु.)


v.t. & i. १ (as, to separate or split into smaller units or parts)वियोजित करणे, वियोजन करणे, –चे वियोजन होणे २ भंग पावणे, तोडणे, तुटणे, फोडणे, फुटणे n. १ खंड (पु.) २ वियोजन (न.) ३ भंग (पु.), फूट (स्त्री.)


n. १ (a usu. removable lining or sleeve of metal or other material that is inserted or screwed into an opening to limit its size, resist wear or erosion, etc.) अस्तर (नलिका वगैरे) २ Elec. Eng. (as, an insulating sleeve inserted in an opening in a metal plate or case to protect a through conductor from abrasion and possible short-circuit) अस्तरण (न.), बुशिंग (न.)


n. १ (as, any obstruction) अवरोध (पु.) २ रोधिका (स्त्री.) ३ (as, a material object or set of objects that separates, keeps apart or demarcates or serves as a barrier) प्राचीर (न.) (as in : potential barrier विभव प्राचीर ) ( प्राचीर an enclosure, fence or wall)

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