आद्याक्षर सूची (767)


n. तापमापी (पु.) aspiration thermometer चूषण तापमापी clinical thermometer ज्वरमापी constant pressure thermometer स्थिर दाब तापमापी constant volume thermometer स्थिर आकारमान तापमापी differential thermometer तापांतरमापी, विभेदनी तापमापी maximum-minimum thermometer कमाल किमान तापमापी minimum thermometer किमान तापमापी resistance thermometer रोध तापमापी thermoelectric thermometer तापविद्युत तापमापी vapour-pressure thermometer बाष्प दाब तापमापी weight thermometer भार तापमापी wet-and-dry-bulb thermometer शुष्कार्द्र तापमापी


v.t. १ (to examine or analyse a substance by the use of a reagent; esp. to examine for the presence of a substance, etc.) परीक्षण करणे, चाचणी घेणे २ (to put to the proof) निकष लावणे, कसोटी लावून पाहणे n. १ (as, a procedure or reaction used to identify or characterise a substance or constituent; a procedure for determining the performance, characteristics of) परीक्षण (न.), चाचणी (स्त्री.) २ (something that serves as a basis of evaluation) निकष (पु.), कसोटी (स्त्री.)


n. (as, end, boundary; the place or point of entering or beginning) अधःसीमा (स्त्री.), उंबरठा (पु.) adj. (that constitutes a threshold) अधःसीमा-, उंबरठा- (as in : threshold levels अधःसीमा पातळ्या, उंबरठा पातळ्या)


n. १ (the curve that a body, as a planet or comet in its orbit, etc., describes in space; the path of a moving particle or a celestial body) विक्षेपपथ (पु.) २ Math. (a curve or the surface that cuts all the curves or the surfaces of a given system at the same angle) छेदकवक्र (पु.)


n. Acous., Music स्वरक (पु.) combination tone संयुक्त स्वरक difference tone भेदस्वरक fundamental tone मूल स्वरक major tone तीव्र स्वरक minor tone मंद्र स्वरक pure tone शुद्ध स्वरक semito e अर्धस्वरक summation tone समाकलित स्वरक


v.t. & i. १ (to actuate a mechanism by the operation of some device; to become operative or actuated as a result of operation of some mechanical device) चालू करणे, चालू होणे २ (to release, let fall, set free as a weight, compressed spring, switch, etc. esp. by removing a catch) सटकवणे, सटकणे n. सटक (स्त्री.)

thought experiment

(an imaginary experiment worked through with ideal apparatus under ideal conditions but with no violation of the basic laws of physics) काल्पनिक प्रयोग cf. gedankenexperiment three-dimensional, adj. (of or involving three dimensions; giving the illusion of depth or varying distances- used of a pictorial representation) त्रिमितीय


v.t. (to initiate, actuate or set off esp. by means of a comparatively weak impulse) प्रवर्तित करणे, चेतवणे n. Math. १ चाप (पु.), घोडा (पु.) २ (something that acts like a mechanical trigger esp. in being a sensitive means of initiating a process or reaction) प्रवर्तक (पु.), चेतक (पु.) adj.- प्रवर्तक-


n. १ तोटी (स्त्री.) २ Elec. Eng. (as, tapping point) शाखनबिंदु (पु.) v.t. & i. १ (as, to divert; to connect or cut in as an electrical circuit on another circuit) शाखन करणे, शाखा काढणे २ वाट फोडणे


n. १ बंद (पु.) २ खूणचिठ्ठी (स्त्री.) ३ (as, labelled atom in a molecule) विलक्षित (अणु वगैरे) v.t. १ बंद बांधणे २ खूणचिठ्ठी अडकवणे ३ (as, to distinguish an element or atom by using a radioactive isotope, etc. for tracing through chemical reactions; to distinguish as a compound or molecule esp. by introducing a labelled atom) विलक्षित करणे


n. Astron. (an act, process, or instance of passing or journeying across, through or over; the passing of a planet across or through any special point or place, etc) उल्लंघन (न.), संक्रमण (न.) v.t. & i. उल्लंघन करणे, उल्लंघन होणे, संक्रमण करणे, संक्रमण होणे


adj. १ (having, bearing or marked with a tag or label) खूणचिठ्ठी लावलेला, टाचलेला २ (of atoms etc, - a term used to describe molecules in which one or more atoms are replaced by isotopes which are either radioactive or are of different mass; as, labelled) विलक्षित


n. Math. १ (a branch of mathematics that investigates the properties of a geometric configuration that are unaltered if the configuration is subjected to any one-to-one transformation continuous in both directions) संस्थिति- विज्ञान (न.) २ (topographical study of a particular place; specif. the history of a region as indicated by its topography) संस्थिति (स्त्री.)


n. १ (as, a group of two or more arranged or following one behind the other; two or more used or acting in conjunction) एकापाठी एक (वस्तू सिलिंडर, इंजिन वगैरे) २ (as, cascade) सोपान (पु.) adv. १ (in tandem arrangement) एकपाठी एक रीतीने २ सोपानी रीतीने adj. & adv. १ (consisting of two arranged one behind other) एकापीठी एक २ सोपानी (in tandem एकापाठी एक अशा रीतीने)


v.t. १ (to dilute, qualify, or soften as something strong or harsh by addition or influence of something else) मृदु करणे २ पाणी देणे, पाणी चढवणे ३ (माती वगैरे) कमावणे ४ Music योग्य सुरात लावणे स्वरमीलित करणे


n. १ (as, a line or track left by something that has passed) अनुरेख (पु.) (अ.व. अनुरेख) २ (something traced or drawn such as a marking by something) अनुरेखन (न.), अनुरेखित (न.) ३ (as, a marking made by a recording instrument, etc.) अनुरेखा (स्त्री.) ४ Math. संछेद (पु.) ५ (very small amount) लेश (पु.) v.t. & i. १ (to make or record by drawing; to outline) अनुरेखन करणे २ (to follow, pursue the route taken by; to track down) अनुलक्षित करणे, माग काढणे


n. Elec. Comm. परिवर्तित्र (न.) balancer transformer संतुलक परिवर्तित्र current transformer धारा परिवर्तित्र matching transformer संतुलन परिवर्तित्र multiphase transformer बहुप्रावस्था परिवर्तित्र potential transformer विभव परिवर्तित्र single-phase transformer एकप्रावस्था परिवर्तित्र triple-phase transformer त्रिप्रावस्था परिवर्तित्र


n. (as, a degree of hotness or coldness measured with respect to an arbitrary zero) तापमान (न.) (in comb.) ताप— (as in : temperature scale ताप मापनश्रेणी) absolute temperature निरपेक्ष तापमान blackbody temperature कृष्णिका तापमान characteristic temperature लक्षणिक तापमान radiation temperature प्रारण तापमान virtual temperature आभासी तापमान