आद्याक्षर सूची (551)


v.t. & i.१ निश्चिती करणे, निश्चयन करणे (as in: to fix the position of –ची स्थाननिश्चिती करणे, –चे स्थाननिश्चयन करणे) २.(as, to make nonvolatile or solid; cause to form a nonvolatile or solid compound to combine) स्थिरण करणे, स्थिरण होणे


n. (as, a substance that alters its shape in response to any force however small, that tends to flow or to conform to the outline of its container, and that includes gases and liquids) द्रायु (पु.) (द्रवरूप आणि वायुरूप पदार्थ), द्रायु पदार्थ (पु.) adj. (having particles that easily move and change their relative position without separation of mass and that easily yield to pressure) द्रायुरूप, द्रायु–

figure of merit

१ (as, a numerical quantity based on one or more characteristics as of a device or solution under specified conditions and used for indicating comparative efficiency or effectiveness) गुणवत्तांक (पु.) २. Elec. (of a current in amperes that must flow through a galvanometer to produce a deflection of one scale division) गुणवत्तांक (पु.)

film concept

(a hypothesis that there exists, at surfaces of contact between solids and fluids, liquids or gases which are in motion relative to one another, a relatively slowly moving film of the fluid, which decreases in thickness with increasing velocity, parallel to the surface of the main body of the fluid) पटल संकल्पना


n. १ (as, the region in which the forces being considered are appreciable; as, the area over which objects are visible; as, the scene of operation......etc.) क्षेत्र (न.) २ Elec. (as, the region of space in which a given effect as gravity, magnetism or electricity exists and has a definite value at each point) क्षेत्र (न.)


n. १ (as, an act of following, continued flow) अभिवाह (पु.) cf. flow २ Chem. (as, a substance used to promote fusion as by removing impurities esp. of metals or minerals) विशोधी (पु.) ३ (as, the rate of transfer of fluid, particles, or energy across a given surface) अभिवाह (पु.) (as in : neutron flux न्यूट्रॉन अभिवाह) ४ (as, a matter discharged in a flux) स्त्रोत (पु.)


v.t. & i. १ (to reduce to liquid or plastic state or become fluid by heat; as, to melt) वितळवणे, वितळणे २ (as, to become integrated; to unite) एकीकरण होणे ३ (of atoms, etc) संमीलन होणे n. १ Elec. Eng. वितळतार (स्त्री.), फ्यूज (पु.) २ mining, etc फ्यूज (पु.)


v.t. & i. १ गाळणे, गळणे २ निस्यंदन करणे, निस्यंदित होणे n. १ (as, a contrivance for freeing liquids or gases from suspended impurities esp. by passing them through a porous article or mass such as paper, sand, etc.) गाळणी (स्त्री.), फिल्टर (न.) २ Elec. Comm. (as, an entity or device for eliminating or reducing certain waves or frequencies while leaving others relatively unchanged) निस्यंदक (पु.)


v.i. भडका उडणे n.१ (as, an unsteady glaring light) कंपित ज्वाला (स्त्री.) २ प्रज्वाला (स्त्री.) २ प्रज्वाला (स्त्री.) (as in : solar flare सौर प्रज्वाला)


n. १ रूप (न.) २ (as, the ideal or intrinsic character) स्वरूप (न.) v.t. & i. १ (to give a form or shape to; to become formed or shaped) बनवणे, बनणे, आकार देणे २ घडवणे (in the form of –च्या रूपाने, –च्या स्वरूपात)


n. १ (as, the outer, upper or more important surface of any object) समपृष्ठ (न.), पृष्ठ (न.) २ (as, of a crystal) पैलू (पु.), अनीक (पु.) ३ Geol. (of a quarry, etc.) पृष्ठ (न.) ४ दर्शनी बाजू (स्त्री.)

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