आद्याक्षर सूची (1097)


n. (a particular locality especially of somewhat limited extent) स्थळ (न.), स्थल (न.), घटनास्थळ (न.), adj. (being, originating or done on the spot or on or in or for a particular spot) स्थल- ( on hand for immediate delivery after sale) हजर


n. (a preventing of monetary fact or from exerting its wanted influence) प्रभावलोपन (न.) (as in : sterilisation of gold reserve सुवर्ण राखीव निधीचे प्रभावलोपन), नसबंदी (स्त्री.), निर्बीजीकरण (न.)


v.t. सोडू शकणे, देऊ शकणे, हात राखून खर्च, करणे, काटकसरीने वापरणे, adj. (that can be spared) मोकळा, रिकामा, (in reserve for use when needed) जादा, अतिरिक्त, सुटा


n. (a change of one group of people as, worker, etc. for another in regular alternation ; a scheduled period of work or duty) पाळी (स्त्री.) ( a removal from one person or thing to another ; as, transfer), बदल (पु.), पालट (पु.), अंतरण (न.), हस्तांतरण (न.)


n. (as, a term covering all types of shares) शेअर (पु.), भाग (पु.), (the debt or fund due from a government or a private company or corporation to individuals for money loaned at interest and not divided into shares but instead being divisible and transferable in any amount desired not involving divisions smaller than a specified


n. (the legal right of the survivor of two or more persons having joint interests in an estate or other property to take the interest of any of the number dying) उत्तरजीवित्वाधिकार (पु.), (a state or condition of being a survivor) उत्तरजीवित्व (न.)


adj. छोटा, लघु, लहान, अल्प, कमी, उणा, अल्पकालिक, (not having goods or property that one has sold in anticipation of a fall in prices-usu. used with of or in ; consisting or relating to or involving a sale of securities, commodities etc. that the seller does not possess or has not contracted for at the time of the sale) मंदीवाल्यांचा, मंदीवाल्यांविषयक (as in : short contracts मंदीवाल्यांच्या संविदा), n. (one who purchases or operates on short side of the market)मंदीवाला (पु.)


n. (the design, instructions, routines, etc. required for operation of a computer of other automatic machine) सॉफ्टवेअर (न.) (मृदु सामग्री), (the plans, fuel, etc. of a rocket missile or other space vehicle) सॉफ्टवेअर(न.) (मृदु सामग्री) (anything thought of as not directly related to some operation principal function or objective, such as the non-mechanised elements of a mechanised system) सॉफ्टवेअर (न.) (मृदु सामग्री)


n. ( a part of the property that survives the marine peril) नष्टशेष (पु.), (act of saving or rescuing a ship or its cargo) नष्टशेष शोधन (न.), (as, a compensation paid for saving a ship or its cargo) नष्टशेष शोधन शुल्क (न.)


n. राज्य (न.), (as, sovereign independent nation) राष्ट्र (न.), स्थिति (स्त्री.), अवस्था (स्त्री.), (as, princely state) संस्थान (न.), v.t. निवेदन करणे, कथन करणे, सांगणे, नमूद करणे, adj. राज्य-, राज-


n. सेवा (स्त्री.), नोकरी (स्त्री.),cfbusiness संधारण (न.) उपयोग (पु.) (a system or arrangement that supplies public needs esp. for communications) व्यवस्था (स्त्री.), (as in : a bus service बस व्यवस्था ; a telephone service दूरध्वनि व्यवस्था)

settle v.t. & i},

(to conclude by agreement between the parties usu. out of court) समझोता करणे, (to close by compromise and payment)तडजोड करणे (to close by payment) (हिशेब, कर्ज इत्यादी) चुकता करणे, (as, an account) हिशेबपूर्ती करणे, हिशेब नक्की करणे, वसाहत करणे, वसती करणे, जम बसणे


n. (something that is established by authority, custom or general consent as a model or example to be followed ; something that is set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, value, quality, etc.)मानक (न.), (a definite level or degree of quality that is proper and adequate for a specific purpose) प्रमाण (न.), मान (न.)

satisfy v.t. & i.},

समाधान करणे, समाधान होणे, संतोष देणे, संतोष होणे, पूर्ती करणे, पूर्ती होणे, फेड करणे