आद्याक्षर सूची (660)


n. १ (a charge, payment or price fixed according to a ratio, scale or standard) दर (पु.) २ (quantity, amount or degree of something measured per unit of something else) प्रमाण (न.) ३ (pl. - assessment levied by a local authority) पट्टी (स्त्री.), स्थानीय कर (पु.) cf. duty v.t. १ पट्टी ठरवणे २ मूल्य अंदाजणे, मूल्य ठरवणे ३ (to consider) समजणे

remunerative rates

(aslo beneficial rates) (terms used by A. Marshall where the money obtained from rates is devoted to expenditure on street lighting, drainage, etc. a net benefit being conferred on rate payers in such cases opposed to onerous rates) मोबदलादायी पट्टी, मोबदलादायी स्थानीय कर, हितकारी दर


adj. १ वास्तव २ खरा ३ (consisting of immovable property, such as lands or houses) स्थावर ४ (of wages or income, measured by actual purchasing power-as opposed to nominal) वास्तविक ५ वस्तुरूप (as in : real investment वस्तुरूप गुंतवणूक)


adj. फुटकळ. किरोकोळ, n. (scale of goods in relatively small quantities) फुटकळ विक्री (स्त्री.) किरकोळ विक्री (स्त्री.) , v.t. फुटकळ विक्री करणे, किरकोळ विक्री करणे


n. विवरण (न.), (often used in pl. - the profit from labour, investment or business, income or profit in relation to its sources, as, yield) प्राप्ति (स्त्री.), लाभ (पु.), उत्पन्न (न.), (output resulting from the use of given inputs) प्रत्याय (पु.), (in pl. unsold goods returned back for cash or credit) परती माल (पु.), (anything returned as cheque, etc.)परत पाठवलेला (धनादेश वगैरे) (पु.)


v.t. १ (as, industries, etc.) सुसंघटन करणे २ (as, rules, bylaw, etc.) सुसूत्रीकरण करणे ३ (as, to reform scientifically) शास्त्रीयीकरण करणे, शास्त्रीय तत्त्वावर सुधारणा करणे


v.t. (to give up as, a claim, right, title etc. in favour of another ; to set free or to liberate) मुक्त करणे सोडून देणे, (to relieve from something that confines or burdens, etc.)बंधमुक्त करणे, प्रथमतः प्रसारित करणे


v.t. (सुधारणा, बदल या दृष्टीने) पुनरभिमुख करणे, (सुधारणा, बदल या दृष्टीने) पुन्हा दिशानिदेशित करणे, -चे पुनर्दिशानिदेशन


n. १ (a mutual exchange of trade or other concessions or privileges such as reduction of tariff rates, exchange restrictions, etc. between two countries) (परस्पर) देवाणघेवाण (स्त्री.), परस्परभाव (पु.) २ अन्योन्यता (स्त्री.)


n. १ (instance of referring) संदर्भ (पु.) २ (act of referring) निर्देश (पु.) ३ (a person of whom inquiries can be made as to the character or capacity on another; as a referee) निर्देशी (सा.) ४ (a written statement of the character or capacity of a person given by some one familier with his character, ability etc.; as recommendation) निर्देशन (न.), ग्वाही स्त्री.) ५ (a note as from a bank etc. stating that the customer’s financial position is sound) वित्तप्रमाण (न.)

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