आद्याक्षर सूची (427)

liquidity preference

(a preference for actual cash rather than for incomeyielding investments specif. this preference in so far as it affects the relationship between cash balances and interest rates; also the extent to which investors prefer to keep their assets liquid i.e. in form of money rather than in some form of investment) रोकड अधिमान्यता, रोख पसंती, रोख पसंती


v.t. Law १ भाडेपट्ट्याने देणे २ पट्ट्याने देणे n. Law १ (as, of buildings, houses, etc.) भाडेपट्टा (पु.) २ (as, of lands) पट्टा (पु.) ३ भाडेपट्ट्याची मुदत (स्त्री.) ४ पट्ट्याची मुदत (स्त्री.)


n. १ रेषा (स्त्री.), रेखा (स्त्री.), रेघ (स्त्री.) २ (a direction, course of conduct, action or thought) दिशा (स्त्री.), प्रणाली (स्त्री.), मार्ग (पु.) ३ (a field of business or professional activity, occupation, etc.) पेशा (पु.) ४ (a row) ओळ (स्त्री.), रांग (स्त्री.) ५ (a thread, cord) सूत (न.) ६ (a series or succession of ancestors or descendants of a given person) वंशक्रम (पु.), परंपरा ७ (a stock of goods on hand and available for sale or bought for resale usu.


adj. १ (having an estate in land; consisting in land or real estate) स्थावर, भू– २ (a quotation term meaning seller pays all costs including landing goods at port of discharge) उतरणखर्चासहित (as in: landed cost of merchandise व्यापारी मालाची उतरणखर्चासहित किंमत) ३ उतरलेला, उतरवलेला


v.t. १ (to determine the liabilities and apportion the assets toward discharging the indebtedness of a firm, company, etc. that is going out of business as in winding up) परिसमापन करणे २ (to determine by agreement or by litigation the precise amount of indebtedness or damages) निर्धारित करणे ३ (to settle a debt, etc. by payment; to discharge) फेड करणे ४ (to convert into cash) रोकडीत रूपांतर करणे ५ fig. (to clear up and dispose of as if by such a process) निर्मूलन करणे (as in : to liquidate illiteracy निरक्षरतेचे निर्मूलन करणे) ६ दिवाळे काढणे


n. १ (as, one of the factors of production–human effort that contributes toward production, etc.) श्रम (पु.अ.व.) २ कामगार (पु.), श्रमिक (पु.) ३ (an economic group comprising those who do manual labour or work for wages; workers collectively-those employed in an establishment or available for employment) कामगारवर्ग (पु.), श्रमिकवर्ग (पु.) v.i. श्रम करणे


n. १ पातळी (स्त्री.) २ Lit. & Fig. पातळी (स्त्री.), स्तर (पु.) adj. १ (even, flat) सपाट २ (of the same height) सारख्या उंचीचा ३ (well-balanced, even, just, impartial) समतोल v.t. १ सारखा करणे २ सपाट करणे ३ समतल करणे

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