आद्याक्षर सूची (781)


n. १ (the action of going out or flowing out from something; a means of going out from something, etc.) निर्गम (पु.), जावक (स्त्री.), निर्गमित करणे (न.), पाठवणे (न.) २ (the act of officially putting forth or getting out or printing as new currency, etc.; putting into circulation as of bank-notes, etc.) प्रचालन (न.), नोटप्रचालन (न.), काढणे (न.) (as in : issue of a new coinage नवीन नाण्यांचे प्रचालन, नवीन नाणी काढणे) ३ (as, a question awaiting decision) प्रश्न (पु.) ४ (as, of shares, debentures, etc.) विक्रीस काढणे (न.) v.t.& i.


n. १ व्याज (न.) २ (legal concern, title, right in a property or pecuniary stake in a commercial undertaking, etc.) हितसंबंध (पु.) ३(state of being concerned or affected esp. with respect to advantage) हित (न.) cf. benefit ४ (person interested in any particular business, etc.) हितसंबंधी (सा.) ५ (concern, curiosity or quality exciting them) रुचि (स्त्री.), गोडी (स्त्री.), आस्था (स्त्री.)


n. १ (a term used in foreign trade; foreign orders are known as indents– the term being more particularly used of orders through agents or exporters) मागणीपत्र (न.) २ मागणी (स्त्री.) v.t. १ मागणीपत्र सादर करणे २ मागणी करणे


v.t. (to put an initial or initials to) आद्याक्षरित करणे n. १ (the initial letter esp. first letter of person’s name) आद्याक्षर (न.) २ (in pl.–first letters of a person’s names) आद्याक्षरी (स्त्री.) adj. प्रारंभिक, प्रारंभीचा, सुरुवातीचा


adj. १ निर्गमित, निर्गमित केलेला, पाठवलेला २ दिलेला, काढलेला ३ प्रचालन करण्यात आलेला, काढलेला ४ विक्रीस काढलेला, प्रचालित केलेला


v.t. १ (apply a mark, etc.; to stamp) शिक्का मारणे, ठसा मारणे २ उमटवणे ३ (to enforce idea, etc. on a person or his mind) मनात ठसवणे, मनावर बिंबवणे ४ (to produce a profound effect upon or to influence) प्रभावित करणे, छाप पाडणे


n. १ (a gain or recurrent benefit that is usu. measured in money and for a given period of time, derives from capital, labour or combination of both, etc.) आय (पु.) २ (the value of goods and services received by an individual for a given period of time) प्राप्ति (स्त्री.), उत्पन्न (न.)


n. १ (act or instance of inflating or expansion; the state of being inflated or expanded) फुगवटा (पु.) २ अतिवृद्धि (स्त्री.) ३ (as, an increase in the volume of money and credit relative to available goods resulting in a substantial and continuning rise in the general price level–as opposed to deflation ) चलन अतिवृद्धि (स्त्री.), चलनवाढ (स्त्री.)


n. (something that constitutes a motive or spur; inducement) प्रोत्साहन (न.), प्रेरणा (स्त्री.) adj. (serving to encourage, rouse, or move to action; motivative in particular direction or course; designed to enhance or improve production esp. in industries) प्रोत्साहक, प्रेरक


v.t. १ (to bring forward formally) पुरःस्थापित करणे, मांडणे २ (to bring into use or into operation for the first time) प्रस्तुत करणे ३ –ची प्रस्तावना करणे ४ (to bring as a commercial product to the attention of the public as by an advertising campaign) परिचय करून देणे


n. (pl. indexes or indices) १ निर्देशांक (पु.) २ (list of names, subjects, references, etc.) सूची (स्त्री.) ३ (something that points to; pointer as, on an instrument) दर्शक (पु.) v.t. १ निर्देशांक देणे २ निर्देशसूची तयार करणे


n. १ पुरःस्थापन (न.), मांडणे (न.) २ प्रस्तुत करणे (न.) ३ प्रस्तावना (स्त्री.) ४ (as, institution; something introduced; of new practice, etc.) प्रारंभ (पु.), प्रारंभ करणे (न.), चालू करणे (न.) ५ (a preliminary, preparatory, or initial explaining, talking up or advertising) परिचय (पु.), परिचय करून देणे (न.)