आद्याक्षर सूची (1726)


n. १ Eng. Etc. (as, a strain resulting from applied forces that cause or tend to cause contiguous parts of a body to slide relatively to each other in a direction parallel to their plane of contact) कर्तर (न.) कर्तरण (न.) cf. Stress २ Geol. (as, the sliding of a parts of a rock body past another part along a fracture) भ्रेष (पु.)


n. १ (something that is set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, quality, value, etc.) मानक (न.) २ (as, a definite level or degree of quality that is proper and adequate for a specific purpose) प्रमाण (न.) adj. १ मानक— cf. normal २ प्रमाण—, प्रमाणित


n. १ Radio, etc. (a direction in which something, as motion, takes place or is visualised as taking place) अभिदिशा (स्त्री.) २ (as, a trend, course) कल (पु.) ३ Math. अभिदिशा (स्त्री.), (as, of inequality) असमा दिशा (स्त्री.) v.t (to detect as a symbol automatically or mechanically) संवेदणे


n. १ मृदुता (स्त्री.) २ (of water and water solution) सुफेनता (स्त्री.) ३ (of radiation) दुर्भेदकता (स्त्री.), अल्पभेदकता (स्त्री.) ४ (of glass) सुगलनीयता (स्त्री.)


n. Light (as, an apparatus for dispersing radiation into a spectrum and for photographing or mapping the spectrum) पंक्तिलेखी (पु.), स्पेक्ट्रोग्राफ (पु.) annular magnetic spectrograph वलयाकृति चुंबकीय पंक्तिलेखी autocollimating spectrograph स्वसमांतरी पंक्तिलेखी microwave spectrograph सूक्ष्मतरंग पंक्तिलेखी quartz spectrograph क्वार्टझ पंक्तिलेखी vacuum spectrograph निर्वात पंक्तिलेखी


n. (the path of a point in a plane moving around a centred point while continuously receding from or approaching it; a three-dimensional curve with one or more turns about an axis) सर्पिल (न.), cf.helix हेलिक्स adj. (of, relating to, or resembling a spiral) सर्पिलरूप, सर्पिलकार, सर्पिल—


n. १ (as, an act or instance of obtaining a sample, etc) प्रतिदर्शन (न.) २ (as, the assessment of the quality or character of a whole by examination of a sample) प्रतिदर्श चाचणी (स्त्री.) ३ (commonly) नमुनाचाचणी (स्त्री.)


n. १ (as, the statistical variation in some property as in range or angle of travel of particles passing through matter) विचरण (न.) २ अपकीर्णन (न.) angle straggling कोन विचरण instrumental straggling उपकरणात्मक विचरण range straggling परास विचरण statistical straggling सांख्यिकी विचरण


n. (sing & pl. series) १ (as, a set of things in line or in succession, or so thought of; a group of usu. three or more thing or events standing or succeeding in order and having a like relationship to each other) श्रेणी (स्त्री.) २ Chem. (as, a group of chemical compounds related in composition and structure; as a period or part of a period in periodic table) श्रेणी (स्त्री.) ३ Nucleonics (as, radioactive series) किरणोत्सारी श्रेणी (स्त्री.) ४ Geol.


n. (w. r. t. shower of charged particles or photons, etc.) वर्षण (न.) (commonly) वर्षाव (पु.) v.t. & i. वर्षण करणे, वर्षण होणे, वर्षाव करणे, वर्षाव होणे cascade shower सोपानी वर्षण extensive shower विस्तृत वर्षण penetrating shower वेधी घर्षण


n. १ (as, a swelling, rolling or sweeping forward like that of an oncoming billow; as, an onward rush) उल्लोल (पु.) २ Meteor. (a barometric wave apparently independent of and unexplained by existing barometric gradients) उल्लोल (पु.) ३ Elec. Eng. (a transient variation of current in an electrical circuit; sudden rise and fall of voltage) उल्लोल (पु.)


n. १ घसरणे (स्त्री.) २ (a usu.rectangular piece of glass on which an object is mounted for microscopic examination) काचपट (पु.), स्लाईंड (स्त्री.) ३ सरकचित्र (न.), स्लाईड (स्त्री.) v.t. & i. १ घसरत जाणे, घसरणे २ सुळकणे


n. Light (as, an instrument for observing spectra) पंक्तिदर्शी (पु.) स्पेक्ट्रोस्कोप (पु.) comparison spectroscope तुलना पंक्तिदर्शी constant-deviation spectroscope स्थिर विचलन पंक्तिदर्शी direct-vision spectroscope सरल दृष्टि पंक्तिदर्शी grating spectroscope जाल पंक्तिदर्शी microspectroscope सूक्ष्म पंक्तिदर्शी prism spectroscope प्रिझम पंक्तिदर्शी


n. (as, the outermost or uppermost boundary; one or more of the faces of a three-dimensional thing) पृष्ठ (न.), पृष्ठभाग (पु.) adj. (of, located on, or designed for use at the surface of something; appearing on the surface only) पृष्ठीय, पृष्ठ -


n. १ (as, a complex whole; set of connected things or parts; organised body of material or immaterial things) संहति (स्त्री.) (as in : system of pulleys कप्पींची संहति) २ (as, method organisation, etc.) पद्धति (स्त्री.) ३ (ordered set of ideas, theories, principles, etc.) प्रणाली (स्त्री.) ४ (a group `of things of parts working together in a regular relation) संस्था (स्त्री.) (as in : respiratory system) श्वसन संस्था; railway system रेल्वे संस्था) ५ Geol. समूह (पु.) (as in : mountain system पर्वत समूह)


n. (as, the random change in direction of a beam or ray due to collision of the particles, photons, or waves constituting the radiation) विकिरण (न.) acoustic scattering ध्वनि विकिरण coherent scattering संसंजित विकिरण elastic scattering प्रत्यास्थ विकिरण incoherent scattering असंसंजित विकिरण intelastic scattering अप्रत्यास्थ विकिरण plural scattering बहुल विकिरण potential scattering विभव विकिरण resonant scattering संस्पंदी विकिरण


n. (a general term for the processes of absorption, adsorption and persorption) शोषण (न.) cf. absorption अवशोषण adsorption अधिशोषण chemisorption or chemosorptior रासायनिक अधिशोषण persorption परिशोषण physisorption भौतिक शोषण


n. Light (an instrument used to measure spectra or to determine wavelengths of the various radiation) पंक्तिमापी (पु.), स्पेक्ट्रोमीटर (पु.) autocollimation spectrometer स्वसमांतरी पंक्तिमापी curved crystal spectrometer वक्र स्फटिक पंक्तिमापी ultraviolet spectrometer जंबुलातील पंक्तिमापी X-ray spectrometer एक्स किरण पंक्तिमापी