आद्याक्षर सूची (1048)


n. १ Elec. Eng. (as, a sliding type of current-collecting device used on traction systems employing an overhead contact wire) पंजा (पु.), पॅन्टोग्राफ (पु.) २ (as, an instrument for copying plan, etc.) प्रत्यालेखन यंत्र (न.) प्रत्यालेखी (पु.)


n. १ Math. (generally, a line or figure that serves to determine a point, line, figure or quantity in a class of such things) प्राचल (न.) २ Elec. Comm., Elec. Eng. (as, a derived constant of a transmission circuit or network, which is more convenient for expressing performance or for use in calculations) प्राचल (न.) परामूल्य (न.) ३ Crystal. (as, the relative intercept made by a plane on a crystallographic axis, the ratio of the intercepts determining the position of the plane) प्राचल (न.)


n. १ (as, a technique of representing on a plane or curved surface the space relationships of natural objects as they appear to the eye) यथार्थदर्शन (न.), त्रिमितिदर्शन (न.) २ Optics (as, an optical glass or any of various optical devices that show objects in the right position) यथार्थदर्शी (पु.)


adj. (serving on a small scale as a guiding or tracing device, an activating or auxiliary unit of a full-scale contrivance) पथदर्शी (as in: pilot lamp पथदर्शी दीप) n. पथदर्शक (पु.) २(of an aeroplane) वैमानिक (पु.), पायलट (पु.)


n. १ (any of various functions from which the intensity or the velocity at any point in a field may be calculated) विभव (पु.)२ (specif. as, electrie potential) विभव (पु.) adj.विभव- accelerating potential त्वरणी विभव contact potential संपर्क विभव gravitational potential गुरुत्वीय विभव retarded potential मंदित विभव


n. Thermionics (as, an assembly of ions, electrons, neutral atoms and molecules in which the motion of the particles is dominated by electromagnetic interactions; as, a region in a gaseous discharge where there is no resultant charge, the number of positive ions and negative ions being equal, in addition to unionised molecules) प्लाझ्मा (पु.), आयनायु (पु.)


n. १ (as, an evidence sufficing or helping to establish a fact) प्रमाण (न.) २ Math.(as, a mathematical process that establishes the validity of a theorem or a statement. … ..etc.) सिध्दता (स्त्री.), सिद्धि (स्त्री.) adj. (used in proving or testing; esp. in alcoholometry- of tried strength) प्रमाणित


adj. १ (as, keeping at the same distance at all parts; lying evenly every- where in the same direction) समांतर २ सदृश्य, सम (as in: parallel growth सदृश वृद्धि) cf. similar ३ Elec. (being or relating to an electrical circuit having number of conductors in parallel) अनेकसरी n. १ (as parallel line, curve, surface, etc.) समांतर (रेषा, पृष्ठ वगैरे) २ Elec.


n. दोलक (पु.), लंबक (पु.) ballistic pendulum प्रक्षेप दोलक compensated pendulum प्रतिपूरित दोलक compensated pendulum=physical pendulum conical pendulum शंकु दोलक physical pendulum भौतिक दोलक, स्थूल दोलक reversible pendulum व्युत्क्रमी दोलक


n. १ (as, a science that deals with matter and energy and their interactions in the fields of mechanics, acoustics, optics, heat, electricity, magnetism, radiation, atomic structure, and nuclear phenomena) भौतिकशास्त्र (न.) २ (as, a particular system or branch of physics) भौतिकी (स्त्री.) (as in : nuclear physics न्यूक्लीय भौतिकी, केंद्रक भौतिकी; classical physics अनाधुनिक भौतिक)


adj. १ (as, constituting or relating to an arrangement of two electron tubes such that an alternating input causes them to send current through a load alternately) कर्षापकर्षी, पुश-पुल (as in : push-pull circuit कर्षापकर्षी परिपथ) २ (as, belonging to or being a linkage for exerting both push and pull) ढकल-ओढ, कर्षापकर्षी n. (a push-pull arrangement) कर्षापकर्षी व्यवस्था (स्त्री.)


n. १ (the portion of time determined by some recurring phenomenon; a division of time in which something is completed and ready to commence and go on in the same order; as, a chronological division) काल (पु.), कालखंड (पु.) cf. age युग epoch १ युग २ युगारंभ era शक २ (as, the interval of time required for a cyclic motion or phenomenon to complete a cycle and begin to repeat itself) आवर्त (पु.) cf. cycle; आवर्तकाल (पु.) ३ (as, the life of a radioactive element) आयुकाल (पु.) ४ Chem. (a sequence of elements of increasing atomic numbers as represented usu.


n. १ Elec.. Mech., etc. (as, a source or means of supplying energy; as, the time-rate at which the work is done or energy emitted or transferred) शक्ति (स्त्री.) (as in : atomic power अणु शक्ति) cf. energy २ (as, capability of acting or of producing an effect) सामर्थ्य (न.) ३(as, inherent property or effect) क्षमता (स्त्री.) (as, in : neutralising power निष्प्रभावन क्षमता) ४ Math.


adj. १ पराजीविक, परजीवी—, पराश्रयी २ Elec. & Magn. (being or relating to undesirable component frequencies; consisting of or caused by eddy currents in any conductor within the reach of an alternating-current or rotating magnetic field) अवांछित, अनिष्ट (as in : parasitic loss Elec. Eng. अवांछित व्यय, अनिष्ट व्यय)


adj. १ (of or relating to physics; characterised or produced by forces and operations of physics; employed in the processes of physics) भौतिक (as in : physical changes भौतिक बदल; physical forces भौतिक. बले) २ (of or belonging to all created existences in nature; relating to or in accordance with the laws of nature) प्राकृतिक (as in : physical geography प्राकृतिक भूगोल)


n. १ (as, a surface such that the straight line that joins any two of its points lies wholly in that surface; as, a two-dismensional extent of zero curvature) प्रतल (न.) २ (as, a level surface) समतल (न.) adj. १ (as, forming part of a plane) प्रतल- २ (as, flat, level) समतल-


n. (pl. photophoreses) (as, the movement of small particles under the influence of radiant energy; a phenomenon in which a unidirectional motion is given, by a strong beam of light, to a system composed of very fine liquid or solid particles, which are suspended in a gas or falling through a vacuum) प्रकाश कणसंचलन (न.) cf. magnetophotophoresis चुंबक-प्रकाश कणसंचलन


n. (the quality or state of being pliable) आनम्यता (स्त्री.) cf. compressibility संपीड्यता ductility तंतुक्षमता expansibility प्रसरणक्षमता extensibility वितन्यता flexibility नम्यता, लवचिकता malleability वर्धनीयता plasticity आकार्यता tensility तन्यता


v.t. & i. १ (as, to move from one place or point to another through or across a space or element) अभिक्रमित होणे, - चे अभिक्रमण होणे २ (commonly) जाणे ३ पार करणे, -च्या पार होणे n. १निर्गम (पु.) २ Geol. खिंड (स्त्री.)