आद्याक्षर सूची (1137)


v.t. & i १ (as, to join in physical or chemical union, etc.) संयोग पावणे, संयोग होणे २ (as, force, processes, etc.) संयोजन करणे, संयोजन होणे ३ (as, to cause two or more things to mix together, as, to mingle) मिसळणे ४ एक करणे


n. १ (of a liquid, gas or vapour) संघनित्र (न.), संघननी (स्त्री.) २ (of electricity— apparatus for receving and accumulating electricity; a capacitor) संधारित्र (न.) ३ (of light— a lens or mirror usu. of short focal length used to concentrate light upon an object) नाभीयक (पु.)


converter, n. १ (also converter) Elec. Eng. रूपांतरित्र (न.) २ Met. (as, Bessemer converter) रूपांतरित्र (न.) ३ Nuclear Eng. (reactor or breeder which converts fertile material into fissile material through neutron capture, e.g., U-238 to Pu-239 and Th-232 to U-233) न्यूक्लीय (प्रजनक) रूपांतरित्र (न.)


n. १ (as, the act or action or process of bringing to a common centre) संकेंद्रण (न.) २ (as, the act or action or process of increasing the strength, as of a solute or gas in a mixture etc ; as, the process of increasing the quantity of a substance or form of energy or other entity that exists in a volume of space, etc.) संहतन (न.) ३ (as, a result of concentrating; a concentrated mass or thing) संहत (स्त्री.)


n. १ (an instance of a thing’s occurrence; actual state of affairs) स्थिति (स्त्री.) २ (as, enclosure of something) पेटी (स्त्री.), –धान (न.), –धानी (स्त्री.) ३ (as, an illustration) उदाहरण (न.) ४ प्रकार (पु.), बाब (स्त्री.)


n. Chem (as, a number of atoms united like links in a chain) शृंखला (स्त्री.) २ surv., etc. साखळी (स्त्री.), शृंखला (स्त्री.) ३ (as a network, etc.) साखळी (स्त्री.) शृंखला (स्त्री.)


n. १ (relative disposition or arrangement of parts; interrelationships of constituent elements) आविन्यास (पु.) cf. arrangements २ (as, the structure of chemical compounds esp. with reference to the space releation of the atoms in molecules; any of several limiting apparent positions of a celestial body with respect to another, etc.) संरूपण (न.) cf. form


n. १ Eng., etc. (a general term for a strong rope) रज्जु (पु.), तारेदार (पु.) २ Elec. Eng. (as, a collection of a number of circuits in a lead sheath for buying in the ground) केबल (न.) ३ (commonly) समुद्रतार (स्त्री.)


adj. (moving, proceeding, or acting in a direction away from a centre or axis–opposed to centripetal) अपकेंद्री, अपकेंद्र— (अप = away; केंद्र = centre), n. (an apparatus rotating at very high speed, designed to separate solids from liquids, or liquids from other liquids dispersed therein) अपकेंद्रित्र (न.)


n. १ (an interval of time during which one sequence of a regularly recurring succession of events or phenomena is completed) चक्र (न.) २ (as, one complete performance of a vibration, electric oscillation, or current alternation, and other periodic process, etc.) आवर्तन (न.) cf. period आवर्त


n. १ Elec., Radio, etc (as, a band of frequencies within which signals from a transmitter must be kept) प्रणाल (पु.) २ (as, natural or artificial bed of stream of water, etc.) प्रणाल (पु.), नाली (स्त्री.) ३ मार्ग (पु.) ४ जलमार्ग (पु.)


n.१ (a science that deals with composition, structure, and properties of substances and of the transformations that they undergo) रसायनशास्त्र (न.) २ (as a branch of that science) रासायनिक (स्त्री.) (as in : thermochemistry ऊष्मा रासायनिकी)


adj. १ (as, composed of two or more separable or analysable items, parts, constituents, etc.) संमिश्र २ (as, having many varied interrelated parts, patterns or elements, etc.) जटिल ३ Chem.(formed by union of simpler substances as compounds or ions—used of salts, ions, and other chemical combination) जटिल n. Chem.(as, a complex substance) जटिल (न.)


n. १ स्थिति (स्त्री.) २ पूर्व आवश्यकता (स्त्री.) (as in : Abbe sine condition ॲबी साइन पूर्व आवश्यकता ) ३ अट (स्त्री.) v.t.&i. (to put proper or desired condition) अनुकूलित करणे


n. १ Elec. (the passage of electricity through a body by virtue of a drift of negatively charged electrons through it) धारा (स्त्री.) cf. flow २ (as, electric current) विद्युत धारा ३ (as, a flow of water, air, etc.) प्रवाह (पु.) adj. प्रचलित, चालू


v.t. १ (to alter or adjust so as to bring to some standard or required condition– as, to correct the reading of a gas volume for temperature and pressure or to correct the lens for spherical aberration) संशुद्धी करणे २ दुरुस्ती करणे, सुधार करणे adj. १ संशुद्ध २ (as, conforming to or agreeing with fact– it implies freedom from fault or error, oft. as judged by some conventional or acknowledged standard) बरोबर, अचूक cf. precise


n. १ काटछेद (पु.) २ Math. अवछेद (पु.) ३ Nucleonics (when extended to mean a measure of probability of a particular process. It is expressed in units of area) परिक्षेत्र (न.) (as in : nuclear reaction cross-section न्यूक्लीय अभिक्रिया परिछेत्र)


n. १ Elec, (a cup, jar or other vessel or a division of a compound vessel containing electrodes and an electrolyte either for generating electric currents by chemical action or for use in electrolysis) घट (पु.) (विद्युतघट) २ (विजेरीचा) सेल (पु.) २ (as, chamber) कोष्ठ (पु.) ४ Biol. पेशी (स्त्री.)


v.t. & i. परिवर्तन करणे, परिवर्तन होणे, बदल करणे, बदलणे, बदल होणे n. परिवर्तन (न.), बदल (पु.), (in comb.) –अंतर (न.) (as in : change of position ) स्थानांतर)


n. (the term refers to any interaction between free particles, aggregates of particles, or rigid bodies in which they come near enough to exert a mutual influence, generally with exchange of energy) संघता (पु.), (commonly) टक्कर (स्त्री.) cf. impact elastic collision प्रत्यास्थ संघात


v.t. & i. १ (to make like; to shape to fit) समनुरूप करणे, अभिसंगत करणे (conform implies the achievement of harmony अनुरूपण or correspondence अभिसंगती by compliance as with a preexisting pattern, from or principle) cf.adapt २ (to have same shape, outline, or contour, etc.) समनुरूप असणे, अभिसंगत असणे


adj. १ (acting or operating as if jointed, as conjugate foci ; bearing to each other a relation characterised by having certain features in common but by being opposite or inverse in some particular) संयुग्मी २ Math वृत्तपूरक (as in : conjugate angles वृत्तपूरक कोन) v.t. &i. (as, to join together; of a chemical compound— to unite so that the product is easily broken down into the original compounds) संयुग्मन करणे, संयुग्मन होणे n. संयुग्मी (पु.)


v.t. १ (to convey in or as if in a channel ; to act as a medium for conveying as heat or electricity) –चे वहन करणे २ (as, to conduct scientific experiment, etc.) (प्रयोग, इत्यादी) करणे चालवणे n. वर्तणूक (स्त्री.), n. १ (a channel or pipe for conveying water or other fluid) प्रणाल (पु.) २ (as, pipe) नळी (स्त्री.)


n. १ अंशन (न.) २ (the process of determining experimentally the absolute values corresponding to the graduations on an arbitrary or inaccurate scale of an instrument) अंशशोधन (न.) cf.graduation ३ (as, a set of graduations marked to indicate the values— usu. used in pl.) अशंशोधित (न.) (as in : pressure calibrations on the steam gauges वाफेच्या प्रमापीवरील दाबासंबंधी अंशशोधिते)


प्रवहन, n. (conducting power; also the property of a material by virtue of which it allows current to flow through it when potential difference is applied– the reciprocal of resistance) प्रवहन (न.) cf. conduction